Specializing In LED UV

Digital Printing Solution


We are dedicated to provide the best service in LED UV inkjet printing solution to our clients.

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With experience of more than a decade in this industry,we are your most reliable partner for your upcoming project.

RichColor was established in 2008, has been engaged in R&D and sales of advertising equipments, applications & developments of digital printing solutions for years.
RichColor is considered by sign makers as a professional provider and partner not only by integrating the world’s top brands but also by his completed digital output solutions and excellent services to different customers. Innovation is always the soul of an enterprise and the same for RichColor.
The innovations of RichColor are from continuously research and developing new solution and constantly trying new business models which also make it able to maximize the service and value to his customers. And to open a new market by blue ocean strategy which to avoid the competitions from old market. We accept customer inks development and suply OEM printer serives.